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Snow Wedding
Planning Your Winter Wedding
A winter wonderland wedding can definitely be a break from the normal spring and summer wedding. This event can give you an opportunity to participate in unique activities, and provide you with beautiful photo ops. There are so many different things that you can plan for your winter wedding that can make you special day a day that people won’t soon forget.

Plan Your Wardrobe Accordingly
When planning a winter wedding, the attire must match the season. Unlike summer weddings, a bride should be sure to pick out a dress that she won’t be freezing in while taking pictures. Think about buying a festive winter shall or coat. It could be a white plush coat, or a rent “Santa theme” cloak that could be both elegant and functional. When planning for your bridal party, consider buying sweaters or cover-ups as gifts for the bridal party to wear as well. Cute snow boots for standing in the snow could also be a unique photo opportunity. You can also think about matching gloves or hats.

Shop Around for the Perfect Location
The good thing about doing an off-season wedding is that some locations may cost less money because of demand. Think about lavish locations such as mansions or lodges, because you may be surprised on how much you can afford. Keep in mind what you would like for décor, since some locations may fit your theme more than others.

Creating Your Wonderland
Planning your overall feel of your wedding can be fun for a winter event. You could do holiday themed decorations with poinsettias and Christmas trees around the venue. If you wedding is taking place after the Christmas holiday, think about shopping for decorations right after Christmas to save some money. You could also consider doing a hot drink bar with hot chocolate, hot teas, and maybe event a few hot “adult” beverages. Nothing makes people get in a good mood like a hot drink.

Think About Your Potential Activities
A winter wedding can allow you to mix up the traditional wedding dance as your main activities. You could think about booking a venue near a skating rink to provide ice-skating time for your guests. You can see if a local company can provide skating rentals and then build a hot drink stand next to the rink. A snowy forest near by can also provide an amazing backdrop for your wedding photographs.

Don’t Forget About the Heat
You will want to make sure that you provide climate control. No one wants to be cold at your wedding, so in order to make people comfortable think about renting portable heaters for the events. If you are having your reception or some activities in an outdoor tent, ask your rental company about how many heaters you will need to make sure your space doesn’t get too cold.