Common Uses

Hospital Cross

Hospitals and Medical Clinics

Hospitals and medical clinics require constant sanitation throughout all of their facilities, but sometimes hot water isn’t always available. In the case of re-models, disaster relief or temporarily inaccessible hot water, the SaniSink can be utilized to allow healthcare professionals to continue with their work.

Hospital Cross

Construction Trailers

On the construction site, hot running water is not always available for sanitary hand washing. To supplement a stationary restroom sink, the SaniSink can be placed in the construction trailer restroom to provide a more traditional restroom experience for workers and visitors.

Food Truck

Food Vendors

The SaniSink is perfect for use by traveling food vendors who require temporary hot water hand washing stations. Whether you have a food truck, or a food stand at a carnival, you can always have the hot water hand wash station that is required for the food prep. We all know how important it is to keep cleanliness a priority in these traveling food stations.

Daycare Centers

To run a daycare center, you are required to provide hot water hand wash stations to employees and children. If the location of your childcare center does not have a stationary hot water sink, the SaniSink can be used as a supplement portable hand washing sink for your location. All you need is an electrical outlet to temporary hot water hand washing.

Disaster Relief

Natural disasters can strike anywhere at anytime, and when these disasters happen recovery can be slow and difficult. One of the things that people require most is portable sanitation. The SaniSink can provide hot running water for recovery workers, as well as displaced members of the community.

barns and petting zoos

Barns and Petting Zoos

Barns and petting zoos usually don’t have hot running water out in the barns. With the spread of illnesses from animals, it is very important that visitors and employees have the chance to clean¬†their hands after coming into contact with the animals. The SaniSink can provide owners with the portable hot water hand washing sinks that are necessary to keep sanitary and healthy.