Barns and Petting Zoos

Petting zoo

Barns and petting zoos are a great place for kids and adults to interact with animals and have some nice outdoor fun. From facilities ranging from horse riding barns, community barns, petting zoos, people can get a chance to ride, pet and brush animals. Recently, there have been several cases of children and adults getting sick after coming into contact with animals at fairs and petting zoos, and these cases could have possible been prevented. Because of the direct contact with animals, it is important that there be proper facilities to clean and sanitize yourself and your children after these activities.

Since the SaniSink can be placed anywhere there is power, it is a great tool to help ensure that you are clean after leaving. Having one of these portable hot water hand washing stations in your barn, stable, or petting zoo will allow your patrons to be able to clean and sanitize their hands after coming into contact with animals, and help slow the spread of illness.