Daycare Centers

Daycare Portable Sink

Child care facilities are the places where you send your children when you are at work. You expect that they are safe and clean, since children are so easily susceptible to illness. Some child care facilities, however, do not have sufficient hot water sinks available to ensure that everyone is clean and safe. Most states have laws requiring that child care facilities provide hot water hand washing stations for both children and employees, to ensure that all persons in these facilities can have sufficient access to clean hot water.  If this is the situation that you find yourself in, the SaniSink can provide you with the portable hot water hand washing stations that you need.These hot water hand washing stations can be placed anywhere that has an electrical outlet. You simply fill up the fresh water container with clean, fresh water, and the grey water is sent down the drain into a separate grey water barrel. The water can either be hot or cold, just like a normal stationary sink, and they can be placed anywhere sinks are needed.