Medical Clinics

Hospital and Medical ClinicHospitals and medical clinics require constant sanitation for all equipment and employees. Doctors, nurses and assistants are required to have constant access to sanitation stations and hand washing equipment. Yet sometimes running hot water is not available at their particular location.

This lack of hot running water could be caused by renovations, natural disasters or mobile medical facilities. The SaniSink is perfect for providing the necessary portable hot water hand washing stations that the medical field so desperately requires. With the SaniSink, you will only need a power source, and a supply of fresh water. Then simply plug in the SaniSink and you will have hot running water for hand washing and sanitation.

In the case of hospital and clinic renovations, the SaniSink can be placed anywhere with a working electrical outlet to provide convenient hand washing anywhere. In the case of natural disasters, shelters are hard to come by, as well as hot running water. For these types of instances the SaniSink can provide the necessary portable hot running water that is required to provide medical attention to people in need. Doctors are often providing mobile medical care to parts of their communities that also need assistance. The SaniSink can be placed in these mobile vehicles and put into use when sanitation is required.