Q. How many gallons of water does the SaniSink™ hold?
A. The unit holds an easy-to-exchange 5 gallon sealed water jug.

Q. How long does it take for the water to get hot?
A. 10 minutes or less.

Q. Can I carry the unit inside my family van or my truck?
A. Yes you can. Refer to the dimensions of the unit and the cargo area of your vehicle, but the SaniSink™ is designed to fit comfortably into most trucks or vans.

Q. Does the SaniSink™ unit require propane gas or electricity?
A. They operate on a standard 110/120-V A/C wall outlet

Q. How much does shipping & handling cost?
A. The cost will vary by destination and quantity.

Q. Is there a warranty provided?
A. A standard 12 month limited manufacturer’s warranty accompanies every SaniSink™ unit we ship. However, all sales are final.

Q. How many amps does it take to operate the water heater and pump?
A. Approximately .7 amps for the water pump and 11 amps for the water heater (equal to about 1,320 Watts)

Q. What is your return policy?
A. All sales are considered final.

Q. Are the units ADA-compliant?
A. No.