SaniSink Portable Sink

SaniSink Portable Hot Water Sink

top view of sinkThe SaniSink is a completely portable hot water sink and hand washing station that can be used wherever power is available. This hand washing sink has a two bottle system that heats clean potable water in one five gallon water jug that will be dispensed through the sink head. The grey water will then be flushed into a second, empty five gallon bottle that is stored inside of the sink for discreet disposal. A standard 100/120v 15 amp outlet is needed to run the energy efficient pump and heater. Easy to grab handles make this unit easy to setup and relocate.

SaniSinks are the perfect hot water hand washing sink alternative when standard plumbing is not available. This makes it perfect for food vendors, day care centers, petting zoos, barns and anywhere else that hot water hand washing is either required or recommended.

The electric water heater that is used in the SaniSink has a 2.5 gallon water tank, so you will always have a large supply of hot water, and the thermostat on the heater can be adjusted to keep water temperatures anywhere between 65 and 140 degrees F. The water heater is also designed to be energy efficient  for optimal use. This easy to use portable hand washing equipment is perfect on site, or on the go.
SaniSink Portable Hand Wash Sink


Height: 36″
Width: 28″
Depth: 18″
Weight: 72 lb.
Capacity: 5 gal.
Electrical Requirements: 110V – 15amp circuit
*  Colors of the SaniSink are subject to change

1-year warranty on water pump and water heater from invoice date of purchase. All sales are considered final.

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